19th March: 17 days and counting
5th April: Butterflies!
6th April: In a holding pattern
7th April: Wheeeeee!
8th April: The longest day
9th April: The wild, wild west
10th April: From Galway to Killarney
11th April: What I learned on my morning walk, and other stories
12th April: The getting of eloquence
13th April: Saints and sinners
14th April: A day in Dublin
15th April: Dublin to Edinburgh
16th April: The Castle
17th April: Old friends
18th April: An excellent detective story
19th April: A big day out
20th April (Easter Sunday): Ghoulies and ghosties
21st April: Warrington – not so much a place as a state of mind
22nd April: Villages
23rd April: Kingdom country
24th April: The elusive Larums
25th April: The Bedford connection
26th April: The invasion of the Morris dancers
27th April: Bletchley – home of the Codebreakers
28th April: The enchanted city
29th April: From Blossom Hill to Greenfields
30th April: Appointment with Doc Martin
1st May: The Wet Country
2nd May: The 12:24 to Paddington
3rd May: Midsomer Murders
4th May: A quick trip through London
5th May: Bank Holiday and Greenwich
6th May: A Quite Interesting day
7th May: Dead kings, Vikings, and Dead Party Animals
8th May: On the river
9th May: The leaving of London
10th May: The shortest day
11th May: Back to Brisbane
12th May: Kookaburras again
13th May: Home again
14th May: Epilogue

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